Slide Mono Sliding Doors

Slide Mono Rail is a single track residential sliding door system that provides consumers with an. attractive slim line sliding door that has all the advantages of modern thermal break profiles.

Product Information

Slide Mono Rail is ideal for use as an economic replacement for older aluminium sliding doors, or for new build applications. 

Slide Mono Rail offers the option of 2 or 4 pane doors. The 2 pane mono-track option provides a single opening sash on either the left hand or right hand side. The 4 pane option allows for two opening sashes in the centre and fixed panes on the outside. 

The doors are fitted with a multi-point lock mechanism locating into a one piece stainless steel keep.  The system is assembled through screw-fixing the outer frame head and cill into both jambs. Sash profiles are fixed together around the glass units and gaskets.  

Profiles can be finished in a wide choice of standard and non-standard powder coated finishes from Smarts, including the popular Sensations range of textured finishes. Among the wide choice of finishes is dual colour, metallic and painted wood structure options. 

Grey Wall
Slide Mono

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